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ADI backs Brazilian legislation to ban animal circuses

Posted: 30 October 2008


On November 2nd 2008, the Commission of Education and Culture of the Chamber of Deputies of the Brazilian Congress will hold a public hearing to discuss substitutive bill No 7.291 of 2006 to ban animals in circuses. ADI will participate in the hearing to support the bill.

Congressmen Antonio Carlos Biffi, the presenter of the Bill before the Commission, claims that this legislation aims to compile previous initiatives to ban animals in circuses in the Brazilian Congress. A great part of those initiatives were motivated in the tragic case of the death of José Miguel dos Santos Fonseca Júnior, a six-year-old boy who was killed by the lions of the circus Vostok, in the State of Pernambuco, in April 2000. At the same time, the bill also seeks to help the circus industry to evolve and new human acts into their shows.

Congressman Biffi affirms that the ban on the exploitation of animals in circuses is coherent with the Brazilian environmental legislation, with international directives and international and with the ecological values that are necessary for the survival of the planet.

Helder Constantino, ADI’s Global Senior Political Officer, and Juan Pablo Olmos, ADI’s South America Campaigns Co-ordinator, will participate in the hearing and support the bill. Juan Pablo Olmos, ADI’s South America Campaigns Coordinator: "It is time for the Brazilian Congress to accept that even with the best will in the world, it is not possible for circuses to adequately care for animals when they are living in temporary accommodation and moving location every week. Substitutive Bill No 7.291 of 2006 demonstrates that it is possible for governments to promote the development of the circus industry without animal exploitation. The wild animal circus should be consigned to history."

The hearing will be attended by congressmen, circus representatives, National Brazilian Environment authority (IBAMA), animal protection organisations and members of the public.

ADI’s Science on Suffering report, details the scientific evidence that supports the arguments against keeping animals in circuses. During the hearing the report will be given to Congressman Biffi and the members of the Commission of Education and Culture of the Chamber of Deputies of the Brazilian Congress, along with a letter from ADI asking to support the bill.

Scientific report provides evidence of circus animal suffering
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Suffering exposed inside the Brazilian circus industry

Pressure mounts for Brazil to ban animal circuses.

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