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Stop Circus Suffering Brazil

Posted: 30 October 2008. Updated: 21 January 2014


ADI remains very active in Brazil, where national legislation to ban animal circuses is advancing. We also continue with the local bans and public awareness work.

Minas Gerais becomes 10th Brazilian state to bring in circus ban

January 2014: Minas Gerais, one of the most important states of Brazil, has become the tenth Brazilian state to ban the use of animals in circuses. The Governor has enacted the Law 21,159 of 2014. Thank you to “Movimento Mineiro pelos Direitos Animais” for their perseverance and everyone who urged the deputies to pass, and the governor to sanction, the ban. ADI Latin America provided support and advice to help secure this important victory.

Minas Gerais ban stalling

January 2014: The ban on animal circuses in Minas Gerais is stalling, as it is still waiting to be sanctioned by the governor. Please take action! Urge governor Antonio Anastasia to sanction law PL 4787/2013 as soon as possible – contact him via facebook, tweet @governomg and post a message via the state government website.

Minas Gerais votes to ban animal circuses

On December 19, 2013, the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil passed Bill 4787/13 which prohibits the use of ALL animals in circuses. Read more...

Take action to stop circus suffering in Minas Gerais

Ahead of the last debate and vote in Minas Gerais, Brazil, for Bill No. 4787/13, to ban animals in circuses, please contact the deputies and urge them to back the ban. Read more...

International day to end cruelty against animals (WEEAC)

ADI will be participating once again in this annual event on September 22nd - at which there will be presentations, music/entertainment and vegan food - and will be giving a talk about our campaign to end the use of animals in circuses in Brazil.

Demonstration against Court decision to return animals seized from “Le Cirque”

On the 3rd of February 2011, Judge João Timóteo de Oliveira from the Court of Justice of the Federal District of Brasilia decided to declare circus Le Cirque innocent from any crimes of mistreatment against their animals, and ordered that they should be returned to them. Read more... In Portuguese

One positive step forward for the ban on animals in circusesl

On the 10th November 2010 a request for an emergency vote of Bill 7291 – 2006 aimed at banning all animals in circuses in Brazil was signed. This request has changed the legislative procedure for this bill, from a “priority” procedure to an “emergency” procedure, which will effectively speed up the ban.
Read more... In Portuguese

Seminar at House of Representatives discusses ban

A new video documentary from Animal Defenders International (ADI) “Unnatural Acts. Stopping the suffering in circuses in Brasil," is being screened in the House of Representatives with a call for Congress to adopt Bill 7291/2006 banning animal circuses throughout Brasil.

Brazil takes another step towards total ban on the use of animals in circuses

ADI welcomes progress of Bill No. 7291/2006, which has been passed by the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship in the House of Representatives.
Read more (Portuguese) See also here (Portuguese)

Brazilian law to ban all animals in circuses continues its course

The law for a ban on all animals in circuses in Brazil entered in the Commission for the Constitution of the Brazilian Parliament. Deputy Ricardo Tripoli champions the law in this commission. Read more...

Suffering exposed inside the Brazilian circus industry

Sao Paulo: ADI to unveil new Stop Circus Suffering Brazil campaign featuring evidence from an undercover investigation inside one of Brazil’s major circuses with observations of others. A new report and video will be launched at a press conference attended by actress Daniela Adler Piepszyk and next week will be presented to Congress. Read more... In Portuguese

Scientific report provides evidence of circus animal suffering

New ADI report reviews the scientific evidence on the effects of transport and captivity on animals that confirms their welfare is compromised – and this is the case for both domesticated and non-domesticated species. Disturbing new photographs of animals in South American circuses contrast with animals in their natural environment.

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ADI backs Brazilian legislation to ban animal circuses

On November 4th 2008, the Commission of Education and Culture of the Chamber of Deputies of the Brazilian Congress will hold a public hearing to discuss substitutive bill No 7.291 of 2006 to ban animals in circuses. ADI will participate in the hearing to support the bill. Read more... In Portuguese

Thank you

Our special thanks to the Persula Foundation whose vital support has made key areas of our work in South America possible including launches in Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. Most recently, the support of the Persula Foundation has made an essential contribution to our investigations in Brazil and production of various campaigns materials there.

Animal Circuses belong to the past

In the last 100 years human understanding of the planet we live on and the animals with whom we share our world has grown enormously. We have made great strides in technology, medicine and learning. Yet how can we consider ourselves civilised, whilst we continue to allow the suffering and abuse of animals simply for entertainment. Read more... In Portuguese

Inside Circo Estoril

Photo gallery of how animals live inside a Brazilian circus.
View here...

Brazilian TV show features ADI circus campaign

Watch coverage of our Stop Circus Suffering campaign on the Brazilian TV show “Fantastico” here

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