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ADI’s ‘Stop Circus Suffering’ campaign floods the streets of Bogotá

Posted: 20 October 2010. Updated: 17 April 2015


On Sunday 3 October 2010, ADI joined the World March for Animal Rights taking place in Bogotá, Colombia.

The march attracted over 5000 protestors who proudly held ADI banners and Stop Circus Suffering posters.

This demo has been the Colombian animal movement’s biggest demonstration to date. This successful event was coordinated by ADI along with local groups Biosphera, Ondada, and other organisations. Protesters marched from 11AM until to 2PM, ADI also held a busy informative stand in the Plaza de Bolivar at the end of the event where thousands of leaflets were distributed.

The march, aimed to generate awareness on worldwide animal protection issues, will herald a new drive for an end to the use animals in circuses in Colombia. Protestors urged the Colombian Congress and Government to take action by supporting a ban on the use of animals in circuses in Colombia and enforce animal protection legislation.

ADI’s Jan Creamer said: “ADI is proud to be working with the growing animal protection movement in Colombia. The incredible turnout of the march shows that Congress members and law makers can no longer ignore the plea of thousands of protestors who demand that legislation is adopted to stop circus suffering once and for all”.

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