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One positive step forward for the ban on animals in circuses in Brazil

Posted: 12 November 2010. Updated: 15 January 2014


On the 10th November 2010 a request for an emergency vote of Bill 7291 – 2006 aimed at banning all animals in circuses in Brazil was signed.

This request has changed the legislative procedure for this bill, from a “priority” procedure to an “emergency” procedure, which will effectively speed up the ban.
Animal Defenders International (ADI), the animal protection organization that works globally for the protection of animals, said they were delighted with the progress being made.

“ADI is extremely encouraged by the level of commitment and involvement shown by parliamentarians to end animal slavery in Brazilian circuses, and we know we speak for the majority of the Brazilian people who are also keen to see a ban implemented.”

This initiative comes from Deputy Ricardo Tripoli (PSDB-SP), the author of the request, and was actively supported by Animal Defenders International (ADI) representatives in Brazil.

Bill 7291-2006 has been ready for adoption by the Plenary since November 2009, having been adopted unanimously in three Commissions already: Justice, Constitution and Citizenship; Environment and Sustainable Development and Education and Culture.

The emergency request of the Federal Bill was signed by 12 out of 16 Party leaders in the Chamber, representing more than 400 deputies out of 513. The following political parties are supporting the initiative: PT, PMDB, PSDB, Bloco PSB/PcdoB/PMN/PRB, DEM, PSC, PV, PtdoB, PHS, PDT and PPS.

Once the Bill is adopted in the Chamber of Deputies, it will then have to be adopted in the Senate, where it will be reviewed by the relevant Commissions.

The Brazilian public strongly support the campaign for an animal-free circus industry in Brazil, without suffering and exploitation. This year alone, various municipalities have banned animals in circuses, such as Belo Horizonte the Capital of the State of Minas Gerais, as well as states including Alagoas and Espirito Santo. The State of Parana is also awaiting for formal approval from the Governor for a prohibition on animals in circuses.

Helder Constantino, ADI’s Legislative Affairs Director said: “We congratulate Deputy Ricardo Tripoli and all the leaders of the political parties who signed the emergency request. However, this request is just another step towards final adoption of Bill 7291 – 2006 in the Chamber of Deputies and there is still work to be done.

“ We now call on the President of the Chamber to include the Bill in the agenda of the Plenary as soon as possible. The sooner the Bill will be voted on, the sooner animals will be free from circuses.”

The progress of Bill 7291 is part of a larger movement in Latin America to end cruelty and exploitation of animals in circuses. Bolivia approved a complete proibition in 2009 and a similar law is expected to be voted in Peru before the end of December.

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