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Peruvian Municipality to consider ban on animals in circuses

Posted: 5 July 2011. Updated: 17 April 2015


The Peruvian Municipality of Huancayo will discuss the ban on animals in circuses

ADI has been lobbying officials at the Municipality of Huancayo in Peru, asking them to approve an ordinance banning the use of animals in circuses (wild and domestic). ADI has been working together with Dra. Juana Andamayo Flores from the municipaity and the local group Clu3 who have been supporting the motion in Huancayo. ADI drafted the text and provided arguments to the officials in favour of the motion and has met with them.

On 15 June, ADI held a screening of the video Unnatural Acts during the Plenary of the Council. The councillors were outraged to see the footage. The text will be debated and voted in the Commission next week.

Another screening of the video was held in Arequipa at the Univerisy of Santa Maria on 23 June. Hundreds of people signed a petition in support of a ban of animal circuses and bullfighting inthe region. It is expected that a similar motion will be introduced soon.

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