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Supporters join ADI in mass lobby as MPs vote for circus ban

Posted: 6 July 2011. Updated: 17 April 2015


Following ADIís very successful mass lobbying event involving over 30 of our loyal supporters and a highly charged one sided Commons Debate and free vote last week, the Government has been left in absolutely no doubt that the public and the House of Commons demands an outright ban on the use of wild animals in circuses rather than a system of licensing.

ADI supporters joined our campaigns team in London to lobby their individual MPs about this issue last Thursday and then observed what became a truly theatrical debate from the House of Commons public gallery. With only one Conservative MP, Andrew Rosindell for Romford, defending circuses with animals as not an animal welfare issue, after 2 hours of debating, over 50 MPís from all the major parties voted unanimously for an outright ban, with not one voice responding to the call from the deputy speaker for those opposed to the motion to speak.

The successful passing of this motion is thanks to the efforts of the public in lobbying their MP and Defra and not giving up on the animals. We couldnít have acheived this victory without you, so thank you!
Unfortunately the motion voted for is Backbench Business (as opposed to Government Business) which means that the Government is not legally bound to do as the motion says.

It is therefore vital to keep the pressure on the Government to ensure that this becomes a reality.

Please write to Defra, tell them that MPs have unanimously voted for a motion asking the government to ban animals in circuses, and that the Ministers should respect the democratic vote in the Commons and introduce a regulation so that there are no wild animals in circuses left by 1 July 2012.

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