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Peru has banned wild animals in circuses

Posted: 22 July 2011. Updated: 22 July 2011

ADI’s ‘Stop Circus Suffering’ campaign announces landmark victory in Peru

Last night, President Alan Garcia signed into law an end to the use of wild animals in circuses, following an investigation of circus animal suffering and a long campaign by Animal Defenders International (ADI) and local animal protection groups in the region.

With this ban, Peru is the second country in South America to take national steps to stop the suffering of animals in circuses, following the ban in Bolivia.
Other countries considering similar moves are the UK, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia.

ADI Chief Executive Jan Creamer said: “We are absolutely delighted and applaud this bold move by President Garcia and the Congress of Peru. With the ban in Bolivia and the current discussions in Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia, there is no doubt that South America is leading the world on this issue.

“Peru has looked at the evidence, the undercover investigations, the scientific reports and seen the suffering of the animals. The people of Peru have been adamant in their support of a ban, and both the Congress and President have listened.”

Representatives Alexander Rebaza (APRA) and Jose Urquizo (Gana Peru) introduced the bill and have championed it throughout the legislative process.
Congressman Urquizo invites parliamentarians from all countries to follow the example of Peru and ban wild animals in circuses, ending the suffering of animals.

Congressman Urquizo said: “that will make us a more modern and civilized society”.
The ADI investigation exposed terrible suffering of animals in circuses, including lions whipped and beaten, monkeys, bears and other animals kept in deprived and appalling conditions.
Jan said: “ADI will continue to work with the Government of Peru in the preparation of regulations to implement the law.”

In February 2011, ADI completed an enforcement operation with the Bolivian authorities and removed every single animal from circuses in Bolivia. 29 lions were moved from Bolivia to the United States.



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Peru becomes the second country in South America to ban the use of animals in circuses, following Bolivia. Similar measures have been under discussion in Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. Other countries with similar legislation include Austria, Costa Rica, Sweden, Finland, Singapore and Denmark.


ADI collaborated with local groups in Peru, My Animal Awareness. Amazon Shelter, UPA, Vida Digna, LOVE and ASPPA.

Reps. Alexander Rebaza (APRA) and Jose Urquizo (Gana Peru) introduced the bill 1917 / 2382 in 2007. In 2009 Peru’s Land Commission and Commission of Andean, Amazonian, Afro Peruvian, Environment and Ecology adopted the majority opinion supporting a ban. Member of Congress Jose Alejandro Rebaza Urquizo initially presented the ban on the use of animals in circuses as a separate bill. The two versions of the bill were joined and adopted by the Land Commission and Commission of the Andean, but did not end the debate in plenary for approval. Therefore, the Land Commission decided to include the ban as a final disposition within the Forestry and Wildlife.

The first final provision states: “It is prohibited to display and use specimens of wildlife, native and exotic in traveling circuses.”

The bill was signed by President Alan Garcia last night (21 July 2011).

Since June 2010 the bill has been on the agenda prioritized plenary debates of the Congress of Peru.

The ADI report on animal suffering in circuses in South America is at:


Findings of the investigation include:
Lions being pulled by the tail, whipped and beaten.

A capuchin monkey, three lionesses and a lion kept in a compartment of a truck of and an ocelot living in a wooden box. Three bears were kept in three compartments of a truck, their only exercise was walking to and from the ring for the performance.


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