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Watch LIVE: Historic animal protection legislation launch at US Congress

Posted: 1 November 2011. Updated: 17 April 2015

Bob Barker, Jorja Fox and animal protection organizations launch ‘Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act’

When: November 2nd
Time: 10:30 am Eastern Standard Time / 2.20pm UK

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Today on Capitol Hill, Bob Barker and Jorja Fox will join Animal Defenders International, the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and members of Congress to launch a Bill that would end the use of wild animals in circuses in the USA.

The Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (TEAPA) is a historic first for the U.S., and this Bill, which has attracted bipartisan support and been sponsored by Congressman Jim Moran (D-Va), aims to restrict the use of exotic and wild animals in traveling circuses, effectively bringing to an end the random cruelty and neglect associated with circuses of this nature. It is the first bill to comprehensively tackle the use of all wild animals in US circuses ever to be launched in the U.S.

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