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Animal circuses: Circuses and the UK Animal Welfare Bill

Posted: 13 January 2006. Updated: 30 August 2013


The UK’s Animal Welfare Bill had its second reading in the House of Commons on 10th January and will finish in Committee on January 26th. The Bill will cover animals in circuses and represents a genuine opportunity to end this archaic abuse in the UK once and for all.

The Bill has been drafted by Defra (Department of Food & Rural Affairs), ADI has submitted videos and reports. In addition, below are responses to specific Defra consultations concerning the Animal Welfare Bill (additional documentary evidence of suffering was appended to these).

Animal circuses: Time for a ban (2001)
A parliamentary briefing on the use of animals in circuses.
ADI Circus Briefing 2001

ADI response to first Defra Animal Welfare Bill consultation (2002)
Animal Welfare Bill Consultation 28 April 2002

Critique of the Draft Animal Welfare Bill (2004)
Whip Me, Beat Me, Kick Me: Animal Circuses and the Animal Welfare Bill – November 2004

ADI evidence to Efra on the Draft Animal Welfare Bill (2004)
Animal Welfare Bill Select Committee Submission 12 August 2004

Reaction by Efra Committee to the Draft animal Welfare Bill
It is poor logic on the part of Defra to suggest that a ban on performing animals in circuses is not necessary because the number of performing animals in circuses is declining……
Select Committee Says Ban Wild Animal Acts

ADI evidence to the Efra Committee on changes to the draft Bill – 2005
ADI evidence to the Efra Select Committee on the draft Animal Welfare Bill – 4 January 2006

Animal Welfare Bill EFRA Submission 4 November 2005

Animal circuses: Evidence of suffering and abuse

Animal circuses: Opinions

Animal circus: Video evidence of violence towards animals

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