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Posted: 18 January 2006


ADIís campaigning van is touring London and the South East as part of our latest drive for the Animal Welfare Bill to stop circus animal misery.

ADI has been heavily campaigning for amendments to the latest Animal Welfare Bill (the first of its kind since 1911!) to ensure that it will finally end circus animal suffering. The Billís Standing Committee has until 26th January to debate all the amendments and issues for the Billís third reading. ADI understands that the government may go straight to third reading of the Bill immediately after the Standing Committee reports.

For the next two weeks ADI has organised a brilliant billboard campaign van to get across its message and is involving MP Shona McIsaac, member of the Standing Committee, who supports a total ban of circus animals.


Please lobby your own MP
We would also urge you to lobby your own MP on our behalf, see below link to our latest alert to action. A link to the latest briefing to MPs is also below with a link to ADIís tabled amendments.

Link to alert

Link to latest campaign briefing

Link to pdf version of ADI tabled amendments to the Animal Welfare Bill

Link to html version of ADI tabled amendments to the Animal Welfare Bill

Link to Animal circus: Video evidence of violence towards animals

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