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Animal Defenders International (ADI) supports European protest to uphold Austrian circus ban

Posted: 20 January 2006


Austria was the first country in the European Union to ban wild animals in circuses. This ban, besides saving many animals from a life of suffering, has also set a precedent that paves the way for bans all over Europe.

Currently in the UK hundreds of animal circus bans are in place on a local level, with our local authorities/local governments. We are now discussing a circus ban in the national parliament, and so any pro-circus industry changes in Europe at this time could be very damaging to ADIs campaign in the UK.

Regrettably, EU Commissioner Charlie McCreevy is now trying to overturn the ban in Austria. His argument is that a circus provides a service, and if someone provides a service legally in their home country, they are allowed to provide it anywhere else in the EU, according to article 49 of the EU Treaty. He argues that the Austrian ban contravenes article 49 because it means that circuses cannot bring wild animals into Austria from other countries.

ADI is urging everyone to help this campaign urgently. Please sign on to the protest on the website of the Austrian animal rights group, Verein Gegen Tierfabriken (VGT) for further information and to send protest emails to

- EU Commissioner Charlie McCreevy and
- your own countrys EU Commissioner

- the online form only takes a couple of minutes.

Ask your MEP to bring up this issue with the Commissioners.

Please send this to all your friends and family, and ask them to protest as well.

If you can help by translating the information into any of the languages not available on VGTs website, please contact ADI and we will pass on your details.

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