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Stop Circus Suffering: Malta

Posted: 14 May 2012. Updated: 20 March 2014


Malta proposes full ban on animal circuses

March 2014: ADI is delighted to hear that the Maltese government has just published a white paper outlining its proposed amendments to the Animal Welfare Act which includes a ban on the use of ALL animals in circuses. This move follows a public consultation on the issue last summer to which ADI made a detailed submission in support of a full ban, which has majority public support.

Publicity stunts used to bring people to animal circuses in Malta

December 2013: Circuses bringing animal acts to Malta are using the fact that wild animals in circuses could soon be banned to their advantage, securing extra publicity by billing themselves as the ‘last animal circus’. Both Circo Aquatico, whose acts include sealions and penguins, and Viviana Orfei which includes a hippo, zebras, camels and tigers, two of whom have just given birth to 6 cubs, are presently performing in Malta. ADI has recently submitted its comments on the draft circus ban, which it hopes will be extended to prohibit all animal acts.

Malta publishes draft law to ban animal circuses

The Maltese government has published a draft law to ban animals in circuses just months after conducting a public consultation, 94% of participants backed a ban. Read more...

Circus bill expected in Malta by end of 2013

The campaign to ban animal circuses in Malta is gathering pace. It has been reported (September 2013) in the media that a White Paper on the issue has been drafted and will be presented to Cabinet in the coming weeks, with a bill expected by the end of the year.

Malta circus consultation – 94% support all-animal ban

Sending the strongest possible message to the Maltese government, 94% of participants in the recent government consultation on the use of animals in circuses “believe all animals should be banned”. Read more...

Public support for circus ban grows

Opposition to the use of animals in circuses within Malta is steadily growing. Read more...

Circus campaign hots up!

The campaign against animal circuses in Malta is receiving nationwide support and media coverage. Read more...

ADI aids Maltese Education Director libel case as circus stand-off escalates

A symbolic ‘Walk for Animal Rights and Against Animal Circuses’, was staged last week by The Circus Animal rights Coalition, a group made up of over 20 Maltese animal rights organisations. The protest was carried out in the wake of an ever escalating stand-off between Circo Fantasy and a number of groups and individuals speaking out against animal suffering. Read more

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