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Stop Circus Suffering: Norway

Posted: 14 May 2012. Updated: 12 September 2016

Norway says NO to wild animal circus acts!

The government of Norway has published new regulations effectively ending the use of wild animals in circuses. It follows years of campaigning by our Stop Circus Suffering partner NOAH, supported by ADI. Read more »

Norway secures its first local circus ban

We are delighted to report that Tromsø has become the first council in Norway to ban the use of wild animals on public land. The motion was presented on April 30th by the local Green Party in cooperation with our campaign partner NOAH, who are working with councillors in other regions to secure similar measures. With progress on a ban on the use of elephants in circuses nationwide – first proposed in 2009 – at an apparent standstill it is fantastic to see measures to help circus animals being introduced to the country. We hope to be able to report on similar successes in the future!

Norwegian circus drops its elephant act

March 2014: ADI is pleased to hear that Circus Arnardo has announced that it will no longer use elephants in its show, stating that they “don’t have enough room for them anymore”. Welcoming the news, campaign partner NOAH said “elephants need more room than a circus can provide”.

Elephant circus ban makes slow progress

Three years after the launch of our joint Stop Circus Suffering campaign with NOAH, a ban on the use of elephants was proposed in 2009. However little progress has been made in bringing this into law. Read more...

2012: Our Norwegian campaign is being revitalized for another drive for a ban with partners NOAH. ADI’s investigation in Norway revealed elephants and other animals touring in freezing temperatures.

2011: Our campaign partner NOAH is currently putting pressure on the government to implement a ban. The package will include the Stop Circus Suffering Norway DVD, updated with NOAH’s new logo. The video will be sent to key politicians, celebrities and media.

2010: ADI and NOAH are keeping the pressure to secure a ban in Norway. NOAH has organised demos in every city where animal circuses have appeared.

Campaign launches in Norway and Portugal

In April, our new video and campaign materials were launched with a press conference in the centre of Oslo. Read more

ADI and NOAH launch shocking video and report on circus animal suffering

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