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Posted: 31 May 2012. Updated: 17 April 2015

Rhanee the ex-Chipperfield circus elephant dies

After four years at Wroclaw Zoo in Poland, Rhanee, the elephant that caught the heart of the nation during the cruelty trial of Mary Chipperfield, her husband Roger Cawley and their elephant keeper Michael (Steve) Gills, has passed away. Read more…

Ten years since the conviction of Mary Chipperfield on animal cruelty charges

Today marks the ten year anniversary since one of the world’s most famous circus trainers, Mary Chipperfield, was convicted of animal cruelty after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a baby chimpanzee and her husband was convicted of elephant abuse. Read more…

Disgraced Chipperfield makes comeback

ADI appeals to Government following performance by disgraced circus trainer Mary Chipperfield with daughter Suzanne in Lisbon. Read more…


UK’s largest supplier of circus lion and tiger acts closes and the notorious Dicky Chipperfield flees to France. Read more…

9,000 miles of misery

In March 2000, a Chipperfield Enterprises Ltd. Employee, Tom Rider, decided enough was enough and blew the whistle on the abuse he had witnessed in the circus. Read more…
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Scene of shocking Chipperfield abuse closes

Croft Farm, owned by Mary Chipperfield and Roger Cawley and the location of shocking abuse uncovered by ADI which shook the worldwide circus industry, closes. Read more…
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The Mary Chipperfield Trial

From autumn 1997 to early 1998 ADI Field Officers worked undercover at Mary Chipperfield Promotions, at the time one of the most prestigious and successful suppliers of animals for entertainment. We recorded evidence of elephants, camels, and a baby chimpanzee being beaten. The chimp, Trudy, was seen being kicked, screamed at, and thrashed with a stick by the international trainer, Mary Chipperfield. The videotape shook the circus world to its foundations. Read more…

The trial, day by day part 1 / part 2
The sentencing
The aftermath

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