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Vision Express in discussion with ADI over their use of animals in advertising

Posted: 26 July 2012. Updated: 16 April 2015

In April, Vision Express began an advertising campaign using primates to promote its 2 for 1 deal on designer frames. Following an approach by ADI, senior executives at Vision Express met with our Campaigns Director to discuss our concerns and as a result of the meeting, ADI is in dialogue with Vision Express to progress our proposal that they adopt a ‘no animals’ policy for future advertising campaigns.

How you can help:

The Vision Express advert is still showing on TV, although the company explained to us that this was due to financial commitments. However they are still considering a responsible animal policy.

  • Please contact Vision Express to voice your opposition to the use of animals in advertising, and say that you welcome their consideration of a ‘no animals’ policy and look forward to hearing an announcement on this soon. Encourage friends, family and colleagues to do the same. Thank you!

Animals in entertainment are deprived of all the normal, social and mental stimulation that they would enjoy in the wild. They live in barren environments, where they remain until wanted for a performance. They are trained to do tricks and their compliance may be gained through a withdrawal of food, water or affection.

ADI investigations have shown that, in the main, any discipline or abuse tends to occur off set and behind the scenes, while the animals are being trained or kept isolated in their cages. This makes it almost impossible to ensure that a performing animal has not suffered during a lifetime of training.

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