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Response to calls for circus animals to be purchased

Posted: 23 August 2012. Updated: 17 April 2015

Following the decision that the Great British Circus is to sell off its animals, ADI has been asked by a number of people whether it is possible to buy the animals from the circus. Although we appreciate the strength of feeling that there is on this matter, we believe that, until there is a legal ban in the UK, it would be unwise to offer to buy circus animals as it would be possible for the animals to simply be replaced with new ones.

If the Great British Circus is prepared to hand over the animals voluntarily, ADI would be happy to arrange transport and a new home at no cost to the circus. We have significant experience in the rescue and relocation of circus animals, most notably and recently our Operation Lion Ark which saw a total of 25 lions seized by ADI and the authorities from circuses across Bolivia and relocated to a sanctuary in the US.

As mentioned in our statement, ADI has been informed that the tigers are being sold to an Italian Circus so these animals will not be re-homed but sadly will apparently remain in a performing environment.

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