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Stop Circus Suffering campaign update

Posted: 13 September 2012. Updated: 13 September 2012


Monaghan City Council passes motion to ban wild animal acts

Animal Defenders International and our dynamic Irish campaign partner ARAN are celebrating Monaghan City Council passing the motion, introduced by Councillor Sean Conlon, to ban wild animal acts from council-owned land. We will be calling for the ban to be introduced into the County Council. The next step is the production of a legal bylaw which goes on public display for thirty days.

Take action: Thank the Council and urge them to ensure that the ban becomes law before the end of the year – please email the town clerks at, and

Green Party leader calls for wild animal circus ban in Northern Ireland

Steven Agnew, Green Party leader for Northern Ireland, has tabled a ‘no named day motion’ calling for wild animals in circuses to be banned. The motion states that the use of animals in circuses is “cruel, morally wrong and detrimental to animal welfare” and calls on the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to "introduce and ensure appropriate enforcement of a strict ban on the use of wild non-domesticated animals in circuses.”

ADI congratulates Mr Agnew for tabling the motion and urges both members of the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to progress discussions to introduce a ban at the earliest opportunity.

Take action: If you live in Northern Ireland, please urge your MLA to support a wild animal circus ban. Find out who your MLA is here.

ADI has been campaigning to end the use of animals in circuses in Ireland since 2005, when it launched Stop Circus Suffering Ireland with campaign partner Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN).

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