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Campaign to end elephant rides

Posted: 27 September 2012. Updated: 24 January 2013


Following our exposé of US elephant training facility Have Trunk Will Travel – where we revealed elephants being given electric shocks and beaten with bull hooks – ADI has been campaigning to end elephant rides.


To date, we have won victories and ended elephant rides at:

Our current activities

ADI is presently campaigning to end elephant rides at:

Get involved – how you can support the campaign

  • Make a donation to help ADI fund exposes like Have Trunk Will Travel, lobby policy makers and raise awareness of the suffering of elephants used for rides
  • Sign up to our campaign eAlerts to keep informed, so that you can take action when needed


Jorja Fox releases video to highlight Krissy’s plight

ADI Ambassador Jorja Fox (CSI’s Sarah Sidle) has released a new video for ADI which tells the story of Krissy, an elephant torn from the wild in Africa who ended up in an American circus and is currently being used for rides at fairs and other events. Watch here

New standards announced by Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Shortly after ADI’s expose of Have Trunk Will Travel, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) announced new ‘Protected Care’ standards which require that elephant keepers work protected behind barriers, consequently eliminating the use of weapons, such as bullhooks, to control and punish the elephant. It is a system that ensures the safety of the keeper and the welfare and comfort of the elephant. Protected Contact also eliminates elephant rides as this practice is inherently dangerous. Read more…

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