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Stop Circus Suffering: Germany

Posted: 17 October 2012. Updated: 17 March 2014

ADI and PETA criticise film for using abused circus elephant

The Hundred-Year-Old Man is a movie which bills itself as a comedy, however there is absolutely nothing funny about the shocking abuse of poor Vana Mana, the elephant whose use in the movie has been condemned ahead of its release in Germany on March 20th 2014. Read more...

German screening of Stop Circus Suffering

Our friends at Initiative wildtierfreier Zirkus Halle have held the first screening of our German language Stop Circus Suffering film. Read more...

ADI supports campaign to win ban in Halle on the Saale

ADI is delighted to be working with the German group “Initiative wildtierfreier Zirkus Halle” who are campaigning to secure a circus ban in Halle on the Saale. Read more...

Say no to wild animals in circuses in Germany

ADI is supporting a new campaign by PETA Germany to end the use of wild animals in circuses. Read more...

Hessen region considering circus ban

The Hessen region is considering a ban on the use of certain species in circuses such as monkeys, elephants, bears, giraffes, hippos and rhinos. ADI has supplied the Hessen authorities with supporting evidence.

Bundresrat pass resolution calling on government to ban wild animals

In November 2011, the Bundesrat (a constitutional body similar to the U.S. Senate) passed a resolution that calls upon the Federal Government to submit an ordinance to ban the use of animals such as elephants, monkeys, bears, and giraffes, in circuses they have allowed for an extension that would include big cats and all other exotic animals.

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