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ADI oppose use of real tigers in making of Life of Pi movie

Posted: 3 December 2012. Updated: 3 December 2012

ADI has condemned the use of real tigers, reportedly four in total, in the making of upcoming movie ‘Life of Pi’ which premieres in Leicester Square tonight and will be shown in cinemas across the UK from 20 December.

The 3D film is directed by Ang Lee and based on the bestselling book by Yann Martel, a fantastical tale about an Indian boy called Pi and a Bengal tiger, orangutan, hyena and zebra who find themselves the survivors after the ship they are travelling on sinks in the Pacific Ocean.

ADI Chief Executive Jan Creamer: “The use of performing animals in the making of Life of Pi simply beggars belief, given the CGI technology in use throughout the movie.”

Through extensive investigations and studies of the scientific evidence over many years, ADI has found that performing animals are deprived of all the social and mental stimulation that they would enjoy in the wild.

Jan Creamer: “Wild animals that are trained to perform suffer physically and psychologically on a daily basis. In this day and age, it is simply unacceptable to use animals in this way and we urge production companies to have a ‘no wild animals’ policy. We also say to movie goers ‘if you care about animals, then don’t go to see films which use performing animals in their production.”

Tamara and Sled Reynolds from Gentle Jungle, based in California, worked as animal trainers on the movie. The husband and wife team also worked on Water for Elephants which was met with a storm of controversy last year after ADI released undercover footage of Tai the elephant being beaten and electric shocked at Have Trunk Will Travel.

Take action!

  • Boycott “Life of Pi” and other movies that feature wild performing animals and encourage friends and family to do so also – why not write to your local paper to let others know about the cruelty involved?
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