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2013 Oscars entry ‘Blancanieves’ meets with opposition from animal lovers over bullfighting cruelty

Posted: 11 December 2012. Updated: 30 January 2013


The movie ‘Blancanieves’ – billed as a bullfighting version of Snow White – has met with fierce opposition from animal lovers across Europe, who have signed a joint petition by ADI and fellow animal protection campaigners at CAS International, La Tortura no es Cultura and PiepVandaag, which was handed to the Oscars award committee on 11 December 2012.

Several bulls were mistreated and killed for the movie, which is directed by Pablo Berger and has been entered for the 2013 Oscars under the Foreign Language Film category. The 1920s tale stars Maribel Verdú, Ángela Molina and Daniel Giménez Cacho.

The petition – which secured over 14,000 signatures - calls on the Award committee to distance themselves from the promotion of animal suffering by not voting for the movie.

Bullfighting is a savage and sadistic sport which has no place in civilised society and ADI hopes that the Oscars committee will agree that this movie, for which animals have lost their lives, should not be rewarded for the terrible cruelty it is responsible for.

Concerning the use of performing animals in movies, ADI has shown through its investigations and studies that these animals are deprived of all the social and mental stimulation that they would enjoy in the wild. The organisation is calling for movie makers to adopt a ‘no animals policy’ for future productions and for cinema goers to avoid movies that feature performing animals.

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