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No Fun For Elephants Campaign

Posted: 26 February 2013. Updated: 9 December 2019


No Fun For Elephants is a nationwide initiative by ADI in the United States opposing the use of elephants for rides, performances and appearances at public events. At the heart of the campaign is a video narrated by Emmy award winning TV host Bob Barker featuring harrowing undercover footage from inside elephant training facilities in California, as well as abuse of an elephant on tour by a Texas-owned company.

Watch the “No Fun For Elephants” video:


Bob Barker introduces the video, "To many, it looks like harmless fun, but elephants pay a heavy price for the few minutes of entertainment they provide when performing in circus shows, giving rides, or making appearances at parades, weddings or other events. Most of us marvel at the majesty of wild animals and I can understand why people want to see animals like elephants up close. But isn’t it especially tragic when animals are suffering and being abused simply to entertain us?"

The video includes ADI undercover footage showing elephants supplied for rides, appearances and other events by Have Trunk Will Travel, formally of Perris, CA, now re-branded as “The Preserve” in Texas and Trunks & Humps of Conroe, TX, being beaten and electric shocked during training and handling, behind the scenes. The same trainers are then shown controlling the elephants as they give rides and make appearances at parades.

Our “No Fun For Elephants” DVD is being mailed to event organizers across the U.S., including board members of county fairs, renaissance fairs and organizers of town parades, urging them to adopt a humane ‘no elephant rides or performances’ policy, in view of the suffering these animals endure. ADI also highlights the risks to public safety by the way that just lightweight rope, tape or fencing is used to contain these large and stressed animals while they are in public.

  • ADI’s information pack shows board members of county fairs, renaissance fairs and organizers of town parades and other events, that if they hire these elephants for rides for the public, they are supporting cruelty.
  • The campaign is the first major push to event organizers across the U.S.
  • For the first time, fair boards and town parade/event organizers have actual evidence of the brutality suffered by these animals behind the scenes, in order to make them compliant for public performances.
  • ADI is asking fair boards, town parade and event organizers to make a formal policy that they will not provide elephant rides or appearances at their event in future.

Elephant rides have recently been abandoned by the boards of several events after viewing ADI evidence, including the Orange County and LA County Fairs and Santa Ana Zoo, illustrating how, if event organizers are given the facts and understand the cost to the animals, they will say “no” to the suffering.

Jan Creamer, ADI President: "We believe that once people see how these animals suffer behind the scenes, they will not endorse such cruelty. We realize an elephant walking around a small enclosure giving rides looks like a bit of harmless fun, but it takes a vicious training regime to get these wild animals to be so quiet and compliant in public. We know that event organizers will be shocked and will agree that these rides and appearances bring shame on their event."

As Bob Barker concludes: "It really isn’t harmless fun, and it’s time it stopped."




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    • Oct. 5-Dec. 1, 2019: Elephant ride outreach at the Texas Renaissance Festival.


    Urge Sky & Amazon to drop movie featuring abused elephant Tai

    The movie An Elephant’s Journey (UK), titled Saving Flora in the US and starring David Arquette, features an abused elephant called Tai. Take action here

    New Texas setup for Have Trunk will Travel

    HTWT has left California to set up ‘The Preserve’ in Texas. Despite the change in name and location, ADI warns that it is business as usual, with HTWT’s long-suffering elephants still forced to perform. Read more

    The brutal treatment of elephants used in HBO’s Westworld

    One of the elephants appearing in the sci-fi drama, a 51 year old female called Tai, is shown in the footage crying out as she is shocked with a stun gun to do the very tricks seen on screen. Find out more

    Saving Flora, a movie coming out in 2018 about the rescue of a circus elephant, is using an abused elephant actor.

    ADI has contacted the producers, director and actors to alert them ADI video caught the owners and trainers of Have Trunk Will Travel violently hitting and ‘hooking’ the elephant actor, Tai, with bullhooks and shocking her with stun guns. Find out more

    California’s Trione Vineyards and Winery has canceled an event to include abused elephants from Have Trunk Will Travel

    after being contacted by activist Nadia Konik. ADI is sharing our evidence of HTWT owners and trainers beating elephants with bullhooks and shocking them with stun guns with the winery and urging them to make this a permanent policy.

    Kansas City Renaissance Festival cancels elephant rides!

    After years of campaigning, Kansas City Renaissance Festival cancels elephant rides! Find out more

    Six Flags ends cruel elephant rides!

    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA has ended their abusive elephant rides contracted with the notorious Have Trunk Will Travel Find out more

    Surprise, Arizona says NO to elephant abuse

    Victory! The town of Surprise, Arizona cancels abused elephant appearance by Have Trunk Will Travel and pledges “no elephants” at city’s future events! Find out more

    Lawsuit alleges Six Flags fired employees concerned about animal care

    Former Director of Animal Care Michael Muraco and his wife Holley Muraco allege they were wrongfully terminated and even blamed for problems they were reporting, many of which endangered animals, employees, and the public. Read more

    Victory! Elephant Rides are no more at the Kern County Fair

    Have Trunk Will Travel pulls out of further appearances at the Kern County Fair, effective immediately. Read more

    Southwick’s Zoo urged to cancel elephant rides

    Have Trunk Will Travel elephants trucked across the US to be used for rides at the Southwick’s Zoo over the summer. Take action

    Kern County Fair to ban elephant rides… after 2 more years

    In a bittersweet victory, the Kern County Fair Board has decided on a “sunset provision” that will allow two more years of elephant rides. Read more

    Kern County Fair Board considers the evidence

    After all testimony was heard at the last Kern County Fair board meeting, the board tabled their decision for two months to take a closer look at the evidence regarding public safety and the humane treatment of the elephants. Read more

    Help educate the public about elephant rides at Kern County Fair

    Ignoring clear evidence of abuse and an outcry from the local community, the Kern County Fair Board has sadly chosen to bring elephants from Have Trunk Will Travel to the Fair once again. Read more

    ADI protests elephant rides at the Minnesota and Maryland Renaissance Festival

    ADI teamed up with members of the Animal Rights Coalition in Minnesota for a outreach event at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival to educate attendees about the suffering of elephants and camels used for rides. ADI also had a presence at a similar event the same day at the Maryland Renaissance Festival Read more

    Elephants giving rides at this year’s Kansas City Renaissance Festival were abused

    Elephants supplied for rides at this year’s Kansas City Renaissance Festival have been filmed by Animal Defenders International (ADI) being beaten by their handler, Mike Swain, during training. ADI is asking the public not to pay for the elephant rides.Read more

    ADI urges Indiana State Fair to cancel elephant rides

    Indiana State Fair will be offering elephant rides supplied by Carson and Barnes Circus from August 1—1, 2014. Take action

    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom using abused elephants for rides

    Abusive elephant trainer Have Trunk Will Travel is supplying elephants for rides this summer at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA.Read more...

    Circus elephants used for children’s rides go out of control

    ADI has released film of elephants used for children’s rides fighting as workers try to control them with bullhooks, metal bars and stun guns.Read more...

    ADI supporters protest against elephant rides in LA

    On April 10, 2014, ADI supporters protested against elephant rides offered by Have Trunk Will Travel at the annual children’s street fair “La Feria de los Niños” hosted by LA department store Curacao. Please urge them not to have rides at future events. Send a polite message...

    Elephant Ride Company Owner Says They Are Not Returning To San Diego County Fair

    Controversial elephant provider, Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT), announced that they will not be bringing elephants back to the 2014 San Diego County Fair for rides. Read more…

    Unwilling to change, elephant supplier drops industry accreditation

    Elephant abuser Have Trunk Will Travel has announced it is no longer certified under the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). Read more…

    Thousands Say “No” To Elephant Rides at Kern County Fair

    ADI’s No Fun for Elephants outreach at the Kern County Fair in California this Fall had a huge impact, resulting in over 2600 signatures collected to protest elephant rides at the fair. Read more…

    No Elephant Rides at Bristol Renaissance Faire This Year

    Another victory has been won in our “No Fun for Elephants” campaign as the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, Wisconsin has decided not to bring elephant rides back to this year’s fair. Read more...

    ADI Campaigns to End Elephant Rides at the Nevada County Fair

    Our No Fun For Elephants campaign recently created a storm in Nevada County as ADI, other animal protection groups and hundreds of local residents objected to rides being given at the Nevada County Fair by notorious supplier Have Trunk Will Travel. Read more...

    No Elephant Rides at Grays Harbor County Fair This Year

    After receiving ADI’s “No Fun for Elephants” video showing the behind-the-scenes abuse of elephants used for rides, the Grays Harbor County Fair Board in Elma, Washington has decided not to bring elephant rides back to this year’s fair. Read more...

    Jaycees Gregg County Fair introduces “No Performing Elephants” Policy

    The Jaycees Gregg County Fair in Longview, Texas has joined the growing list of events determined to protect elephants from abusive elephant rides! Read more...

    Lake Renaissance Festival introduces “No Performing Elephants” Policy

    After reviewing the “No Fun For Elephants” DVD, Lake Renaissance Festival has adopted a new policy pledging to leave elephant rides, appearances and performances out of all current and future events. Read more...

    Upland Lemon Festival Cancels This Year’s Elephant Rides

    Upland Lemon Festival has confirmed they will not be having elephant rides this year. Read more…

    Los Angeles County Fair ends elephant rides

    L.A. County Fair ends elephant ride attraction after reviewing ADI’s footage of Have Trunk Will Travel.
    Read more…

    Fountain Valley Cancels Elephant Rides at Easter event

    Fountain Valley cancels elephant rides for 2012 Easter Event after reviewing ADI’s Have Trunk Will Travel footage
    Read more…

    Orange County Fair ends elephant rides

    The OC Fair Board cancels elephant rides after reviewing ADI’s footage of Have Trunk Will Travel.
    Read more…

    Santa Ana Zoo Ends Elephant Rides

    Santa Ana Zoo cancels a 25 yr. contract with Have Trunk Will Travel after receiving ADI’s undercover footage.
    Read more…

    Sierra Madre Cancels Elephant Performance

    Sierra Madre has cancelled Have Trunk Will Travel’s elephant performance at their 2011 Independence Day Event due to ADI’s footage. Read more....

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