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Circus Mondao

Posted: 18 March 2013. Updated: 31 May 2013

Released documents show circusesí disregard for their animalsí needs

Newly released inspection reports and licence applications for Circus Mondao and Peter Jolly’s Circus reveal a number of omissions and breaches, and raise a number of welfare concerns. Read more...

Defra grant licences to circuses with wild animals

Following ADIís revelation that Circus Mondao was touring with wild animals without a licence, Defra has since confirmed that licences were issued to both Circus Mondao and Peter Jollyís Circus on 13th March 2013. Read more...

Circus camels still facing life of misery

As Circus Mondao performed in Burton-on-Trent on March 17th, the Sunday Express revealed what life in the circus is like for their two camels. Using information from ADI, the newspaper described how the animals are penned inside a circus tent, unable to graze and with little room to move around. Only one of the animals was used in the performance. The paper reports how the circus has now been issued with a licence to perform with wild animals, issued AFTER our investigation (see below). Read the article here

Circus on tour with wild animals as licensing scheme fails to issue licences

The costly licensing scheme for wild animals in circuses, which became effective in January, has failed to issue licences to the two circuses that have applied to include wild animals in their circus tours. Circus Mondao is already travelling with camels, which are classed as exotic animals and are therefore covered by the new licensing scheme. Read more...

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