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Secretary of Government should enforce local law approved by Council of Bogota as IDRD did

Posted: 18 March 2013. Updated: 18 March 2013

ADI applauds the recent decision of the District Institute of Recreation and Sport (IDRD) of the Mayor of Bogota not to allow land at El Campin to be used for animal performances by Circus Hermanos Gasca.

As the IDRD has done, ADI hopes that the different departments of the District government, including the Secretary of Government of Bogota, will take steps to enforce the animal protection policies of Mayor Gustavo Petro, especially the provisions of the District Development Plan which call for the elimination of all animal displays in circuses.

Since late February, ADI has been touring Colombia, visiting towns and cities, with information about the suffering of animals in circuses. We have found that the vast majority of Colombians support our calls for respect for animals and for an end to the use of performing animals in circuses.

Under resolution 1680 of 2009, the Ministry of Environment of Colombia refused permission for the Hermanos Gasca Circus to import four Bengal tigers. After a visit to the circus to evaluate its tigers, the Ministry reported that due to overcrowding, inadequate conditions and facilities of confinement and improper marking, the circus cannot guarantee the proper care and maintenance for a species protected by CITES, therefore the import of the animals was declined.

In March 2010, the Ministry of Environment imposed a financial penalty on Mr Martin Fuentes Gasca, owner of “CIRCUS GASCA", and Mr Pedro Alfonso Lopez Villarraga, owner of PRODUCTIONS TEQUENDAMA-PROTEQUEM for deficiencies in animal marking.

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