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Lake Renaissance Festival introduces "No Performing Elephants" Policy

Posted: 1 April 2013. Updated: 2 August 2013


Lake Renaissance Festival has adopted a new policy pledging to leave elephant rides, appearances and performances out of all current and future events.

ADI contacted the festival as part of our "No Fun for Elephants" campaign. Festival producers were given a copy of the “No Fun For Elephants” DVD, showing ADI’s undercover footage of owners and trainers at Have Trunk Will Travel and Trunks & Humps viciously “hooking” elephants with bullhooks, beating and shocking them during routine training sessions. Though the festival does not currently offer elephant rides, ADI urged festival producers to go one step further by introducing a formal policy to prohibit the use of elephants in rides, appearances, or performances in any future events.

After reviewing ADI’s footage, Lake Renaissance Festival agreed to adopt the following policy:

“Lake Renaissance Festival does not currently offer elephant rides, appearances or performances, and we have made it Lake Renaissance Festival policy to protect elephants and the public by continuing to leave them out of all future events.”

“ADI applauds Lake Renaissance Festival for keeping elephant rides out of their annual event and prohibiting the use of elephants in any future events. Lake Renaissance Festival is joining the worldwide trend of progressive fairs, cities and nations which have decided to shun entertainment that involves animal cruelty,” said Jan Creamer, ADI’s president. “Trainers use brutal methods, bullhooks and electric shocking devices, to control these elephants for rides and performances. This decision will go far to set a positive example to other events across the country which we hope will soon follow their lead.”

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