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Defra grant licences to circuses with wild animals

Posted: 4 April 2013. Updated: 4 April 2013

Following ADI’s revelation that Circus Mondao was touring with wild animals without a licence, Defra has since confirmed that licences were issued to both Circus Mondao and Peter Jolly’s Circus on 13th March 2013, one week after ADI photographed two camels in a tent at the back of the circus whilst Circus Mondao were in Kirton, Lincolnshire. (Read more)

On their website, Defra states “Currently, two circuses hold licences under the Regulations – Circus Mondao and Jolly’s Circus. Both circuses have undergone thorough inspections and have been found to be in compliance with the licensing conditions contained in the Regulations ... Licensed circuses are also subject to announced and unannounced inspections during the period of a licence.”

The wild animals touring with the two circuses, and thereby covered by the new licensing scheme are as follows:

Circus Mondao: Two camels, two reindeer and two zebra
Peter Jolly’s Circus: One ankole, one camel, a fox, one raccoon, four reindeer, six snakes and a zebra.

In response to a parliamentary question by Justin Tomlinson MP, Defra stated that “To retain these licences, the circuses will be required to maintain very high standards of animal welfare and will need to conduct their activities with greater transparency and accountability than ever before. Using both planned and unannounced inspections, DEFRA will be keeping a very close eye on those circuses and the welfare of their wild animals until the ban which many people are calling for can be achieved.”

Defra has however given no indication as to when the promised ban will be introduced, nor what they intend to do about Circus Mondao touring with wild animals without a licence.


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