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Stop public funding for bullfighting in Azores

Posted: 25 April 2013. Updated: 22 January 2014


The Azores is probably one of the lesser known places where bullfighting takes place but sadly the torture is very much the same as in Spain and other countries where this cruel blood “sport” takes place.

Unbelievably this barbaric spectacle receives funding from the government.

Take action!

Oppose the use of public money in this way – please sign the petition here

III Forum of taurine culture

From February 24-26, 2014, a 3-day bullfighting event which is financially supported by the government – the “III Forum of taurine culture” – will be held in The Azores.

Please urge officials not to spend public money on this barbaric bloodsport and call on sponsors of the event not to support such animal cruelty. Say that you will be boycotting The Azores until a bullfighting ban is introduced.

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