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Peter Jolly's Circus

Posted: 31 May 2013. Updated: 14 February 2017

Peter Jolly’s Circus is one of two circuses which continues to tour Britain with wild animals and where ADI has uncovered animal suffering.

Watch the shocking footage from our 2016 investigation:

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Business as usual for wild animal circus exposed by ADI

Defra response to ADI investigation shows animals will continue to suffer. Read more

EXPOSED: The miserable life of animals at Peter Jolly’s Circus

A new investigation from ADI reveals that life is just as miserable for circus animals when they are not touring. Watch and take action

Controversial circus puts public at risk with sick snake

Peter Jolly’s Circus allows the public to handle a snake who had ‘very close contact’ with a sick and untreated boa constrictor. Read more

Circus inspection reports and licence applications published by Defra

Inspection reports for Peter Jolly’s Circus raise a number of welfare issues. Read more

Wildlife experts speak out against circus suffering in Britain

A leading wildlife vet and a UNEP conservation ambassador speak out against the “degrading and incredibly damaging” use of wild animals in British circuses, following the ADI investigation of Peter Jolly’s Circus. Read more

Circus madness – the suffering of Britain’s last performing big cats revealed

Government inaction to bring in a ban on wild animals in British circuses is taking its toll. Animals from Jolly’s Circus have been filmed by ADI exhibiting behaviour which indicates they are not coping with their unnatural lives. Find out more and take action!

ADI reveals return of big cat act to English circus

ADI reveals that a new lion and tiger act presented by Thomas Chipperfield has joined Jolly’s Circus. Read more...

ADI condemns Jolly’s Circus for tethering animal during heatwave

ADI has condemned Jolly’s Circus – one of only two circuses still to perform in Britain with wild animals – after reports that it tethered a mule, without food and water during the recent scorching weather. Read more...

Released documents show circuses’ disregard for their animals’ needs

Newly released inspection reports and licence applications for Peter Jolly’s Circus and Circus Mondao reveal a number of omissions and breaches, and raise a number of welfare concerns. Read more...

Defra grant licences to circuses with wild animals

Defra confirms licences issued to Peter Jolly’s Circus and Circus Mondao on 13th March 2013. Read more...

View photos of Peter Jolly’s Circus here

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