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Help ADI get the animals out of Colombia and Peru’s circuses

Posted: 5 July 2013. Updated: 5 July 2013


On Wednesday 12th June 2013, the Colombian Congress voted overwhelmingly to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses.

Colombia is our fifth national ban in South America, and follows many hundreds of town and city bans across Europe, the U.S. and South America.

The Colombia win follows one of our most intense campaigns; as members of Congress arrived for the vote they passed through an exhibition of ADI photographs in South American circuses and under our huge banner calling for “Circuses without animals.”

Since we launched our investigation of animal circuses in South America in 2007, bans have been secured in Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and now Colombia. With your help we are ending the suffering.


But now we face our greatest challenge – we must ensure the new law is enforced in Colombia, as well as the new law we got last year, in Peru. Getting the law passed is one step – getting the animals safe is the next!

Some of the most heart-breaking scenes that we have ever witnessed have been in circuses in these countries. Animals living in terrible, deprived and disgusting conditions, being brutally abused.

The situation for circus animals in Colombia is the most serious we have ever faced – and the powerful Colombian circus industry have said they are going to take immediate steps to try to overturn the ban.

The animals can be saved but only if we act now.

You may remember that in Bolivia, the law was passed but the circus owners defied the law. Luckily ADI was there. We tracked down every circus. We saved every animal.


This is why we urgently need your help. We have to start the work to get the animals out of Colombia and Peru’s circuses – now!

ADI must track down the circuses in Colombia AND Peru, as they attempt to evade the law in remote areas. And both countries are bigger than California and Texas combined!

Only when we show the Colombian wildlife department that we can help them seize and relocate the animals, will they be willing to enforce the ban. They need our help to make this law work!

ADI veterinary teams will be needed. Crates will need to be built. We may need to make temporary animal accommodations. Flights will be needed. Food will be needed. Our rescue animal care team will be needed 24/7.

ADI’s teams in Bogota and Lima must fight any challenges by the circuses to the new laws.

Together we have come such a long way – now help us finish the job. It will not be easy and it may not be fast, but WE MUST START RIGHT NOW.

Today circus animals in Colombia will wake up in the same miserable conditions as yesterday. But now with this new law, they can have a future, free of abuse and despair.

ADI must make a huge commitment to the Peruvian and Colombian Governments and we must act now. Saving lives costs money, we need your support. Please contact us with a donation today.

Securing animal protection legislation to permanently protect animals and actually end the suffering is tough. But we promise you this, ADI does not stop until the suffering has stopped.

Thank you for your support.

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