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Donít let the British circus ban be watered down!

Posted: 10 July 2013. Updated: 24 September 2013


After promising to ban wild animals in circuses back in April, the Coalition Government has taken the first steps to fulfilling its pledge, with the publication of its draft Bill on Wild Animals in Circuses which proposes an enforcement date of 1 December 2015.

The ban however is already under threat following the publication of recommendations by EFRA, the government committee responsible for reviewing the Bill. EFRA has stated that the ban should only apply to elephants and big cats Ė which no longer perform in British circuses as a result of our successful 20-year campaign to stop circus suffering Ė and that other wild animals should be licensed, as currently, which cannot safeguard their welfare.

ADI has prepared a detailed response to EFRAís report Ė which sadly reflects an overwhelming lack of knowledge of the circus industry, lack of empathy of the welfare issues involved and disregard for the publicís attitudes to the use of wild animals in circuses Ė and is calling on Defra Minister Lord de Mauley and MPs to ignore EFRAís findings and proceed with an outright ban on all wild animals in circuses without delay.

Public opposition to wild animal circus acts has remained consistently high over the past 15 years and at no point over the past seven years, when the British government (under Labour) first gave its commitment to ban the use of wild animals in circuses, has a species specific ban been raised. We canít allow the ban to be watered down now!

It is indeed sadly ironic that, during the review of the draft Animal Welfare Bill back in 2004 (which later became the Animal Welfare Act under which Bobby Roberts was convicted of cruelty to Anne the elephant as a result of our video evidence), the EFRA committee gave its full support to a wild animal ban.


Please help ADI secure a ban on ALL wild animals in circuses once and for all

  • Contact Lord de Mauley and urge him to press ahead with the outright ban that the public desires and expects.
  • Contact your MP and urge him to support a ban on the use of all wild animals in circuses.
  • Make a donation to help us win the fight against circus cruelty.

  • It seems hard to believe that the UK Ė which considers itself as an animal welfare leader Ė has proved to be our hardest fight yet. It has been a long and tough campaign but we must dig deep. We are so close to winning a ban. We must not give up now.

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