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Malta circus consultation – 94% support all-animal ban

Posted: 7 August 2013. Updated: 7 August 2013


Sending the strongest possible message to the Maltese government, 94% of participants in the recent government consultation on the use of animals in circuses “believe all animals should be banned”.

A spokesman for the Parliamentary Secretariat for Animal Rights commented in the Times of Malta that there had been 398 submissions to the government’s recent consultation on the use of animals in circuses and that 94% had stated their support for a ban on the use of all animals in circuses.

The overwhelming support for an all-animal ban clearly demonstrates the welfare concerns that the public has concerning the use of animals in circuses, whether of an exotic or domestic species.

The public consultation took place in July and in its own detailed submission ADI outlined how, due to the very nature of circuses, the welfare of the animals is inevitably compromised. We also provided examples of the unseen and often routine brutality that animals in circuses are subjected to. We commented that the use of animals in circuses provides no educational or conservation value and that the use of animals in circuses is unacceptable in a modern, civilized and advanced society.

ADI is working with groups in Malta to campaign for an end to circus cruelty and we await the government’s response to the consultation with interest.

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