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India announce plan to ban animal circuses

Posted: 8 August 2013. Updated: 8 August 2013


ADI has welcomed news that the Animal Welfare Board of India has announced plans to end the use of all animals in circuses, acknowledging both the public desire for a ban and the inherent cruelty of animal circuses.

The Secretary of the Animal Welfare Board of India, S Umarani, stated in The Times of India that "Animals used in circus are treated brutally. They are kept hungry and cruel treatment is meted out to them. Hence, there is widespread demand for the ban of animals in circus shows" and went on to say that they plan to prohibit the use of animals within a year.

In 1998 the government prohibited the use of lions, tigers, panthers, monkeys and bears in circuses. Rescue centres were set up to care for the confiscated animals but the numbers exceeded their capacity and circuses fought the ban and demanded compensation. After a lengthy campaign the animals were relocated to the centres, which were expanded to cope with the numbers, and ADI provided funding for six cages used to relocate some of the animals. Find out more here.

We look forward to the day when the suffering of all animals in circuses in India will finally come to an end and hope that soon, those countries that have not already done so, will follow suit.

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