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El Salvador votes to ban wild animals in circuses

Posted: 12 August 2013. Updated: 12 August 2013


El Salvador has become the latest Latin American country to progress legislation to ban wild animals in circuses, under the reform of its wildlife conservation law which was passed on Friday.

Under Article 20 of the revised legislation, any show featuring wild animals will be prohibited.

Once the President has signed the new law, El Salvador will join Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru who have all introduced nationwide prohibitions.

The campaign has been led by Circus Sin Animals in El Salvador and supported by ADI South America. The ban received political support from deputies Francis Zablah diputado por La Libertad en El Salvador and Lourdes Palacios, as well as a number of political parties including RENA, FMLN, GANA, PDC and PCN.

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