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ADI Campaigns to End Elephant Rides at the Nevada County Fair

Posted: 15 August 2013. Updated: 15 August 2013


ADI is driving our “No Fun For Elephants” campaign forward across the U.S., urging event organizers to end elephants rides. At the heart of this is our “No Fun For Elephants” DVD, narrated by Bob Barker, which highlights the suffering of these animals and public safety issues with video footage gathered by ADI undercover field officers (including evidence gathered working inside two of the biggest elephant ride suppliers in the U.S. today).

The campaign recently created a storm in Nevada County as ADI, other animal protection groups and hundreds of local residents objected to rides being given at the Nevada County Fair by notorious supplier Have Trunk Will Travel.

Our “No Fun for Elephants” video, which shows elephants at Have Trunk Will Travel being beaten and electric shocked with stun guns during training, was sent to the County Fair Board and ADI addressed the next Board meeting but were not allowed to screen our harrowing video footage. Disappointingly, the Board decided to keep the contract.

A surge of local opposition to the rides led to a further special meeting which was attended by up to a hundred local citizens and members of animal protection groups. ADI again addressed the meeting but again screening the video showing the reality of Have Trunk Will Travel’s training methods was blocked. The Board again stood by the contract.

In disgust some local businesses even cancelled their stands at the imminent Nevada County Fair. Visitors to the Fair were met by large numbers of protestors and a large TV screen showing ADI’s video evidence. Inside the sad elephants plodded around in a small circle throughout the day giving people rides.

The question is will the rides be there again next year? And, how long until such spectacles are no more in the USA.

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