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Poll confirms public opposition to wild animal circus acts

Posted: 19 August 2013. Updated: 19 August 2013


A new YouGov poll has confirmed once again that the British public oppose the use of ALL wild animals in circuses.

The poll asked people in England, Scotland and Wales whether lions, tigers, bears, elephants, snakes, camels, zebras, raccoons and parrots should be allowed in circuses.

The responses were as follows, with the majority of respondents indicating that they felt that these species should not be allowed in circuses.

Question: Do you think the following animals should or should not be allowed to be used in travelling circuses?

% response by species as to whether they should / should not be allowed in circuses
Lions 13 / 78
Tigers 12 / 79
Bears 9 / 81
Elephants 16 / 74
Snakes 30 / 57
Camels 21 / 69
Zebras 17 / 73
Raccoons 19 / 67
Parrots 39 / 48

View the poll results here

Take action!

  • Please urge Lord de Mauley to progress plans to ban the use of ALL wild animals in circuses without delay and to stop the import of new acts ahead of its implementation.
  • Please urge Richard Lochhead, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment to pledge support for the English ban, as the Welsh Assembly has done.
  • Read about our Stop Circus Suffering UK campaign here
  • Make a donation to support our campaign and investigations here

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