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Circus opinion polls UK

Posted: 29 August 2013. Updated: 30 August 2013

Public opinion polls over the years have shown consistent support for a ban on wild animals in travelling circuses. It is a popular move with the public. Banning the use of animal acts from circuses has also been tested politically and enforced on local authority land.

  • 2013 YouGov poll; public were asked whether certain species should or should not be allowed to be used in travelling circuses:

    Species Should (%)Should not (%)
    Tigers 1279
    Camels 2179
    Racoons 1967

  • 2011 ComRes poll for ADI
       -71% of the public backed a ban.

  • 2011 Dods Parliamentary Poll for ADI asked 100 MPs whether the government should ban the use of wild animals in circuses rather than let the industry self-­‐regulate:
       - 63% of MPs agreed or strongly agreed
       - 14% disagreed or strongly disagreed
       - 6% did not respond.

  • 2005 MORI Poll for ADI showed:
       - 65% say ban all animal circus acts.
       - 80% say ban all wild animal circus acts.
       - Only 7% strongly opposed the call for a ban.

    This poll also revealed that more than twice as many people were visiting animal-­‐free circuses as opposed to those with animals.

       - In the previous 5 years, attendance at animal-­‐free circuses had risen from 6%       to 16%.
       - Animal circuses remained slumped at 7% attendance.
       - The most popular forms of animal entertainment attended were: aquariums       (50% of respondents), zoos (39%) and safari parks (22%).

  • 2004 NOP for ADI:
       - 63% of the public wanted to see all animal acts banned from circuses
       - Only 8% strongly disagreed

  • 1999 MORI poll for ADI:
       - 72% wanted wild animals banned

  • Over 200 local authorities (with support of local communities) have bans on animal circuses (over two thirds all animals; remainder wild animals)

    ADI surveyed 318 Local Authorities:
       - 39% had banned all animal acts
       - 17% had banned just wild animal acts
       - 22.5% continued to allow animal circuses
       - 21.5% said they never received requests from circuses with animals

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