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West Hollywood prohibits wild animal acts

Posted: 17 September 2013. Updated: 19 September 2013


Victory! On September 16th, 2013, the City of West Hollywood unanimously voted to ban the commercial display and performance of wild and exotic animals.

The initiative which was led by councilmembers Jeffery Prang and John Duran will prohibit the use of wild animals in any form of entertainment which requires the animals to do tricks, fight or perform. The use of wild animals in circuses, carnival performances, trade shows and parades will therefore be prohibited.

ADI has been working with councilmember Jeff Prang over the past few months, providing a letter of support with detailed testimony, rallying our supporters for the vote and giving testimony to councilmembers at the meeting. Our letter of support to councilmember Jeffery Prang which was quoted in the LA Times detailed how the welfare of wild animals in circuses and other forms of entertainment is severely compromised.

Legendary award-winning TV host and animal advocate Bob Barker wrote to the councilmembers, I cannot think of a better place to take a stand against the abuse and suffering of animals in the name of entertainment than West Hollywood at the heart of our entertainment industry. Therefore I applaud and fully support your efforts to eliminate appearances by exotic animals in the city.

We are delighted that West Hollywood has taken a stand on this issue and hope that cities across the US will follow their lead.

LA Times report on the vote: click here.

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