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Stop Circus Suffering Sweden

Posted: 20 September 2013. Updated: 15 October 2013

Swedish circus drops wild animal acts after cruelty exposed

Cirkus Scott announces that it will no longer feature wild animal acts after 76 years of doing so. Read more...

Secret suffering of Circus Scott elephants

The hidden suffering of elephants Sonja and Vana Mana, who are currently performing with Circus Scott, continues to horrify the Swedish public after a feature appeared in SvD on 6 October 2013. Read here

Elephants abused at Great British Circus tour Sweden

Sonja and Vana Mana two of the three elephants filmed in the UK by ADI being viciously abused whilst on tour with the Great British Circus in 2009 are presently performing with Circus Scott in Sweden.

  • Watch our expose of the Great British Circus here

The Swedish Veterinary Association has previously called for the use of elephants in circuses to be banned.

ADI is working with groups in Sweden to help highlight circus cruelty.

Last year ADI reported how Sonja and Vana Mana whose names have been changed to Gandhi and Baby made a brief bid for freedom when they escaped into rush hour traffic in Copenhagen whilst touring with Circus Benneweis.

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