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Delay in implementation in circus ban in Peru

Posted: 10 October 2013. Updated: 10 October 2013

ADI continues to press for swift implementation of Peruís ban on the use of wild animals in circuses but unfortunately a series of unrelated issues has led to its delay.

Progress was made however on August 30th when Ministerial Resolution No. 0307-2013 was published which “prohibits entry into the country of wildlife specimens, belonging both native and exotic species, for use in traveling shows, including circuses and other public events” and requires compliance with the “Technical Guidelines for the continued captivity of wild animals in circuses, approved by Ministerial Resolution No. 0388-2010-AG, until the entry into force of the Supplementary Provision Final Act No. 29763, Forest Act and Wildlife".

Our South American team is presently undertaking a census of the countryís circus animals so that we can prepare to save the animals.

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