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Thousands Say “No” To Elephant Rides at Kern County Fair

Posted: 7 November 2013. Updated: 7 November 2013


ADI’s No Fun for Elephants outreach at the Kern County Fair in California this Fall had a huge impact, resulting in over 2600 signatures collected to protest elephant rides at the fair.

The Fair Board has contracted notorious elephant ride supplier Have Trunk Will Travel for the past several years and earlier this year, ADI supplied them with a copy of the “No Fun For Elephants” DVD, showing our undercover footage of owners and trainers at Have Trunk Will Travel viciously “hooking” elephants with bullhooks, beating and shocking them during routine training sessions.

Despite the evidence of abuse, the Fair Board chose to maintain their contract with Have Trunk Will Travel, offering elephant rides again at this year’s event.

In response, local ADI supporters encouraged visitors to enjoy the Fair but not support the elephant rides. Visitors were also invited to support our campaign to stop elephant rides at the Fair. The response was tremendous, with over 2600 people signing our petition.

ADI applauds the members of the Kern County community for their efforts to stop the suffering of ride elephants.

Take action!

  • Help spread the word – If elephant rides are featured at an upcoming event in your area, get in touch with ADI to find out how you can organize your own No Fun For Elephants outreach. Email or call 323-935-2234 for details.
  • If you live in Kern County and would like to help stop elephant rides at next year’s fair please contact us today!
  • Click here to learn more about ADI’s “No Fun for Elephants” campaign
  • Help us end elephant rides – Make a donation today

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