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Cheetah used in new movie The Counselor

Posted: 15 November 2013

ADI is calling on movie director Ridley Scott and stars Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz and Michael Fassbender to pledge not to work with animal ‘actors’ after the organisation learned that a cheetah is to feature in ‘The Counselor’ which comes out in the US and UK today.

The cheetah was supplied by Eagle Heights Wildlife Park in Kent, in the UK, which keeps 150-200 birds, as well as reptiles, meerkats and otters. According to media reports, scenes from the movie were shot at Skywood House in Denham, Middlesex.

In captivity, animals used in movies and other forms of entertainment are deprived of all the normal, social and mental stimulation that these animals would enjoy in the wild.

Please help us campaign against their use. Thank you.

Take action

  • Avoid The Counselor and other movies which feature unwilling animal actors
  • Please post a polite message of complaint via facebook at 20th Century Fox and The Counselor Movie or tweet @20thcenturyfox and @CounselorMovie
  • Find out more about our animals in entertainment campaigns here

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