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Have your say on whether wild animals in circuses should be banned in Scotland

Posted: 28 February 2014. Updated: 4 March 2014


The Scottish Government has finally launched its long-awaited consultation on the use of wild animals in circuses and we need you to speak out for the animals and in favour of a circus ban to ensure that the suffering stops!

It will take just half an hour of your time to help bring about lasting change which will save wild animals from a lifetime of confinement and abuse.

A British wild animal circus ban is finally within our grasp, after years of campaigning and exposing the terrible cruelty that animals in circuses are subjected to – our investigations brought to light the secret suffering of Anne the elephant who was routinely beaten and permanently chained at the winter quarters of the Bobby Roberts Super Circus; Trudy the baby chimp who was screamed at, kicked and thrashed with a stick by Mary Chipperfield; Delhi the elephant who was made to perform with the Great British Circus even whilst she was chronically lame. The list of animal victims goes on and on but the suffering must stop.

With their eyes opened to the hidden but all too common abuse, the public has turned its back on circuses which have animal acts. There are now just two circuses which tour with wild animals in Britain – a testament to their unpopularity – and although they presently do not tour Scotland, they could very well do so in the future.

We can’t let animals like Anne suffer. One year when Bobby Roberts Super Circus came to Scotland Anne was shut in her transporter for over 17 hours for a journey of just 25 miles that took 45 minutes. It was only as a result of our 2011 investigation which revealed the violent abuse Anne endured that she is no longer with the circus. Without this evidence she would likely still have been chained, beaten and confined to this day - a horrifying thought.

The UK Government has pledged to ban the use of wild animals in circuses in England by 1st December 2015, a measure which is backed by Wales too. However, very little progress has been made since the legislation was drafted so we must keep up the pressure to ensure the ban materialises and bring Scotland on board too.

This consultation is therefore likely to play a crucial role in securing a British ban. Please take action for animals in circuses and ensure your response is completed by 16th April.

Take action for wild animals in circuses in Scotland!

You can respond to the consultation in three ways:

ADI has compiled an answer guide which can be used for your own response, personalised as required or as a guideline to help guide you in your response.

This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to ban wild animals in circuses in Scotland so please encourage friends and family to take part too. It is vital that the Scottish Government sees just how much support there is for a ban.

Thank you for your help.

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