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Help push through British circus ban - urgent action

Posted: 1 May 2014. Updated: 1 May 2014


After pressure from ADI, earlier this month the Prime Minister made a firm commitment to take action and end the use of wild animals in British circuses. Having already waited since Spring 2012 for the government to make good on its promise to bring in a ban, we cannot wait for David Cameron to come good on his word. We need to keep up the pressure, for the animals.

Please contact your MP today and urge them to support EDM 1301 which calls on the government to reassert its commitment to the ban by including it in the upcoming Queens Speech on 4th June AND introducing the draft legislation before Parliament ahead of the Summer Recess.

We cannot afford to delay on this issue. If we do, the proposed implementation date of December 2015 may be missed, condemning wild animals to continued suffering. Government inaction has already seen a return of big cats to Britain last year, and if we wait any longer other wild animal acts could return to our shores.

The ban has overwhelming support from the public and MPs. For years there has been majority support for an end to the use of wild animals in circuses in Britain – borne out by the fact that just two circuses continue to perform with wild animals, Peter Jolly’s circus and Circus Mondao.

Everything we have done over the past 20 years have led us to this point. The investigations that have exposed the brutality and conditions the animals are forced to endure – the suffering of Trudy the chimp at the hands of Mary Chipperfield and Anne the elephant at Bobby Roberts Circus will never be forgotten; the reports and briefings that have made the case for change; the political and public actions we have undertaken, all with your support. It is now time however to gear up for the final hurdle.

Please take action for wild animals in British circuses.

Contact your MP today and if you can please make a donation to help us secure victory.

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