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Help get sea lions included in Dutch circus ban!

Posted: 15 May 2014. Updated: 15 May 2014


There is a very real risk that sea lions could be excluded from the proposed ban on the use of wild animals in circuses in the Netherlands.

These intelligent, aquatic animals suffer just as much as other wild species in circuses and must be included in the legislation.

Please support calls by our friends at Wilde Dieren de Tent Uit to ensure that ALL wild animals are prohibited from Dutch circuses.

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The English translation of the letter is as follows:

Dear Ms. Dijksma,

I am pleased the Dutch Government intends to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. How nice it would be if The Netherlands, once again, became more animal friendly. I am aware that you, as a State Secretary in charge, are working on the preparations to achieve this ban. It is time for us to follow many other countries of the world and not allow any more performances with wild animals.

I am concerned precious time is being lost through additional research into the welfare of sea lions in circuses. Wild animals, such as elephants, tigers and lions suffer daily in the circus and should no longer have to wait until the ban is introduced. I believe you should not let yourself be slowed down by the investigation, because sea lions are wild animals as well. These sea predators have a natural urge to swim many kilometres, to dive deep and hunt. As is the case with other wild animals, the natural needs of sea lions cannot be provided by circuses.

Ms. Dijksma, I ask you to stand up for sea lions. Are you going to ensure all wild animals will be banned in circuses? I hope you will soon bring me good news.

Awaiting your message in a reply.


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