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Victory! Elephant Rides are no more at the Kern County Fair

Posted: 22 July 2015


ADI and our supporters are delighted that controversial elephant entertainment supplier Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT) has pulled out of further appearances at the Kern County Fair, effective immediately.

After ADI petitioned alongside local groups opposed to the event, and provided the Fair Board with photographic and video evidence documenting HTWTs culture of abuse towards its elephants, the Kern County Fair Board decided to phase out its HTWT contract over two years.

Jan Creamer, President of ADI had this to say: We are delighted that these abusive rides will no longer be a feature of the Kern County Fair and urge the board to replace them with an attraction which is safe, humane and can be enjoyed by all. Communities across the US are speaking out against these cruel rides and we urge them to remain vigilant to protect both animals and the public.

ADIs disturbing video evidence revealed cruelty contrary to existing California law, including HTWT owners and trainers beating and shocking elephants 168 times, and inadequate supervision at various southern California venues, including the Kern County Fairgrounds. ADI photographed another HTWT elephant brought to a Board meeting as similarly unattended.

ADI thanks its supporters, who make investigations like this possible, bringing to light abuses so often hidden in the shadows.

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