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Say NO to bullfighting in Bogota!

Posted: 7 September 2015. Updated: 16 December 2015

After the Constitutional Court of Bogota announced that bullfighting should return to the capital of Colombia, after a 3-year hiatus, Animal Defenders International joined with local animal protection and social justice groups in calling on the Mayor to seek the opinion of local citizens on the issue.

The procedure for a public consultation on bullfighting then began. Martha Lucia Zamora (second in charge to the Mayor) led the defence in the General Secretariat, beginning a tough process in the Council of Bogota. After a series of long debates a council majority approved the initiative. Our thanks to the efforts of councillors including Clara Lucia Sandoval and Roberto Saenz for their help in securing this historic victory.

The public consultation had to overcome another hurdle before it could take place – the constitutional review of the Tribunal of Cundinamarca, the regional authority of justice. This was achieved on August 25, 2015, when the judges confirmed that it was constitutional and should be carried out during the regional elections on October 25th.

Opposition to the initiative came from Supreme Electoral Office, which said it did not have the financial resources to conduct the consultation, stated to cost 40,000 million pesos ($12,614,400). It was shown however by animal groups and the mayoralty that the actual cost would be far below 11,000 million pesos ($3,468,960). Because the consultation was to take place on election day, the costs would be greatly reduced as the voting system is the same.

From the end of August ADI began a series of public awareness activities to inform Bogota citizens about the consultation process and how they could participate and keep Bogota free of bullfights.

Sadly the consultation was subsequently withdrawn after a successful legal challenge by the industry. The pre-election campaign continued with members of the public showing their opposition to this cruel sport by depositing the “Ballot Antitaurina” on election day.

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