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SeaWorld expansion subject to breeding ban

Posted: 9 October 2015. Updated: 9 October 2015


The California Coastal Commission voted unanimously this week to approve San Diego SeaWorld’s plan to build bigger orca tanks, but with the significant condition that they end their captive breeding program. This decision would effectively create a slow phase out of captive orcas at their facility should SeaWorld choose to move ahead with their “Blue World” project.

Hundreds of advocates attended the all-day hearing alongside celebrities, cetacean experts and a former SeaWorld trainer speaking on behalf of the imprisoned orcas. Commissioner Dayna Bochco proposed the amendment to halt breeding and transfers from the park, acknowledging that captivity is harmful to the whales. ADI joined 200,000 individuals and groups to submit comments, overwhelmingly in opposition to SeaWorld’s use of orcas for entertainment.

These large, highly intelligent mammals naturally live in big, complex family groups and roam around 125 miles/200 kms a day, hunting, playing and interacting with their own kind. Captive orcas suffer from severed social bonds, stress, physiological damage, and shortened life spans.

Take action!

Contact SeaWorld and ask them to release their orcas and other marine mammals to sea pens in coastal sanctuaries where they can be rehabilitated to the most natural life possible.

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