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Bullfighting ban in Colombia progresses!

Posted: 30 May 2017


On May 30th, 2017, the bill of the Ministry of the Interior that seeks to ban bullfights in Colombia took an important step in Congress. The Commission VII of the House of Representatives gave its unanimous approval to the bill, achieving history in Colombia; other similar attempts to stop bullfights have been unsuccessful.

Approval of the first debate was important before the end of the legislative period which ended on June 20th. The bill will next be debated in the plenary of the House of Representatives and, if approved, would progress to the Senate and two further debates.

ADI is thankful for the commitment of Representatives Guillermina Bravo, Oscar Hurtado, Mauricio Salazar and Rafael Palau, speakers of the bill, whose positive concepts favored its discussion and approval in the first debate. Our thanks, too, to Representatives Álvaro López, Ángela Maria Robledo and Germán Carlosama for their clear position in favour of prohibiting bullfights.


In Congress on the day of the first debate, ADI, other members of the coalition Colombia Sin Toreo and the Ministry of the Interior, were on hand to provide key information to support approval of the bill. As well as animal protectionists, pro-bullfight campaigners were also in attendance.

While Congress is in recess, Colombia Sin Toreo will be collecting signatures from citizens throughout the country showing their support for the bill. The coalition, of which ADI is part, was created in early 2017 following the return of bullfights to Bogota and has been working with the Ministry of the Interior on the initiative.

How YOU can help:

  • Urge the Colombian Embassy in your country to support proposals to ban bullfighting in Colombia. Click for contact details in English / Spanish.

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