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Congress said yes to end bullfighting, but ran out of time.

Posted: 24 August 2018. Updated: 24 August 2018


The bill to ban bullfighting, written by the Ministry of the Interior, progressed further than any previous initiative to end this cruel sport. Promoted by the coalition Colombia Sin Toreo, of which ADI is an active member, the public were mobilized into action, the bill progressing through the House of Representatives, in the Commission and then the Plenary with majority support, and then on to the Senate, where in Committee VII it was received favourably.

Efforts by the bullfighting lobby to delay the proposals failed in the House of Representatives, with a requested public hearing requested in the Senate only narrowly avoided. A defender of bullfighting, first vice president of the Senate Eduardo Pulgar, repeated arguments long overcome. The majority of congress members however showed their support for the abolition of bullfighting, attempts to amend the bill to allow so-called “bloodless” bullfights unsuccessful. The thwarted proposal had been made by the Democratic Center party and its leader Senator Álvaro Uribe, who was president of Colombia for eight years; the current president Iván Duque from the same party.

Introduced in 2017, several public hearings and forums were held in support of the bill in Bogotá and several cities nationwide, with Colombia Sin Toreo providing the bullfighting guild the opportunity to make their case. This was in stark contrast to when bullfighting rules were approved in 2004, without public consultation or debate.

With the arguments now won, Congress is aware that a bullfighting ban has majority support and will be backed by new congress members committed to animal protection measures, as confirmed by the Animal Observatory during its review of the proposals and commitments made during the election campaign.

Indicating the level of political support, the new bill is a parliamentary initiative, signed by numerous congressmen from all political parties. Authored by Representative to the Chamber Juan Carlos Losada, it has huge support from fellow congress members including representatives Katherine Miranda (Green Party) and Nicolás Echeverry(Conservative Party), Senator Richard Aguilar (Cambio Radical Party), representative Oscar Darío Pérez (Democratic Center Party).


How YOU can help:

  • Urge the Colombian Embassy in your country to support proposals to ban bullfighting in Colombia. Click for contact details in English / Spanish.

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