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Support Connecticut circus ban plans!

Posted: 17 January 2019. Updated: 1 February 2019

Four new Connecticut state bills to end traveling wild animal acts - HB5024, HB5248, HB6001, and HB6017 - have been introduced.

Cheers to the bill sponsors – Representatives Camillo (HB6001, HB6017), Elliott (HB5248), Kupchick (HB6001, HB6017), Michel (HB5248, HB6001, HB6017), Stallworth (HB5024), and Senator Duff (HB6001, HB6017).

Now before the Joint Environment Committee, these bills already enjoy the support of at least 6 cosponsors - Representatives Camillo, Kupchick, Lavielle, Lopes, Steinberg, Tercyak, as well as that of the Legislators for Animal Advocacy Caucus group.

Connecticut is clearly moving with the times and reflecting society’s changing views. However, the legislature needs to hear from constituents to finally stop circus suffering throughout the state. Will you speak for the animals?

How to take part

Please reach out TODAY to thank the sponsors for their embrace of changing opinions and to urge them to protect animals and local citizens from cruel and dangerous wild animal acts. You can help make historic change in Connecticut!

Please urge your CT legislators to support HB5024, HB5248, HB6001, and HB6017 to protect animals and local citizens and ban wild animal acts. Find their details here.

Please also reach out to the Joint Environment Committee. Find member details here.

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